A couple of random notes…

shattered-brokennessHappy April 1st

Since it is April 1st, it’s a good day to announce that I’m no longer writing steampunk or paranormal stuff and switching over to New Adult. The cover reveal for my first book is up at Dear Author. And I’ll be M. Brook now, because initials are cool. Like bow-ties.

Wrecked is still 99¢!

The novella WRECKED (originally published in FIRE & FROST) is still available for 99¢, but soon it will return to its regular price. This story is tangentially related to THE KRAKEN KING, but absolutely not necessary to read before enjoying the serial.

Also, I just finally memorized the key command for the cent sign. ¢ ¢ I’m so proud of myself. I don’t have to look it up anymore.

Some Kraken King ARCs have two parts in one file!

This is just a heads-up that if your Kraken King ARC from Netgalley ends at 45% or thereabouts, the next part is also included in the file! You’ll have to scroll past the excerpt of THE IRON DUKE or HEART OF STEEL. I don’t think this applies to the ARCs that were distributed in the InterMix Monday giveaway … but if your ARC seems to end way before you expected it to, keep going! You’ll be rewarded. 🙂