An Odd Shots Exclusive! Jill Myles's Cover Revealed!

I know, I know. Mondays are supposed to be Nalini’s days, but the woman is currently gallivanting all over Europe, and so I volunteered her spot. And how lucky am I? Because today, Jill received her final cover for her debut release, GENTLEMEN PREFER SUCCUBI, and I get to show it off to you!

Okay, and can you guys believe this? Jill actually sent me an e-mail, all like: Hey, can I have Monday instead? I’ve got my cover to show off!

And I was like: What? No way, man. You can’t kick me out of my extra day like that!

And she was like: But it’s really special!

And I was like: I know! I’m so glad I get to show everyone, because there’s nothing more special than getting that first cover. It’s a totally awesome moment! And it’s all mine now, beeeeeyotch. Ha!

So after the cut and without further ado, I present: GENTLEMEN PREFER SUCCUBI

Jill Myles's very first cover! Okay...maybe not.
Jill Myles's Very First Cover!...Okay, maybe not.