Frozen is finished! I’ve removed the story from the blog, but don’t worry! It will soon be available at your favorite bookstore.


Starting tomorrow at noon, it’s going to be on this blog … one chapter at a time.

It’s not a serial. It’s a cattle prod up my ass.

So here’s the deal with FROZEN: I’ve been trying to write it for almost two years now (not constantly, because there were other things like Guardian Demon and The Kraken King that I wrote in between, but I first conceived of this story two summers ago.) I actually really like the premise of the story, I like the characters … but for some reason, this novella has never just clicked the way it was supposed to. I’ve rewritten it so many times, it’s ridiculous. And each time, I ended up stalling, because it just wasn’t working.

Last week I told my BFF that if I didn’t finish by September 1st, I was just going to cancel it, because I *can’t* spend any more time on it. I just can’t.

So here we are, August 27th, and I’m actually happy with the new direction I’ve chosen. I look at the outline for my scenes (some of them already half-written because I pulled them out of the different rewrites — not ALL of it was bad) and I think: Finally, it’s coming together.

But I’ll be honest — as much as I want to finish, I’m tired of fighting with this story. So I find myself doing ANYTHING to not write it. Even though I don’t actually have very far to go! I know exactly where I’m headed! I’m just so burned out that I’m doing things like laundry and dishes and making covers in Photoshop just to avoid writing it. Which in turn makes me feel like shit, because I know many of you have been waiting for it a long time (since Fire & Frost came out last April.)

There’s one thing I haven’t tried, though — HORRIBLE PUBLIC SHAME.

So here’s the deal. Starting tomorrow, I’m going to post a chapter a day. I’m pretty far into the story; I just have to finish the second half. So basically I’m going to be writing against the clock and making sure that by the time the next chapter is due, I’ll be ready to post it. I’ve got a good head start, so I can do this, right?


If you don’t want to read it a chapter at a time (and unedited to boot) no worries! As soon as it’s finished, I’ll be pulling it from the blog to have it edited and then published (intro price of 99c). If you’ve already signed up for a review copy through my newsletter, you’ll be receiving the whole thing then, too.

I will be closing the comments for the individual chapters, because although public shame will spur me on, I know that nothing kills a WIP for me faster than receiving feedback (positive or negative) before I’ve finished. Feedback after the fact is great. During? Not so much. So don’t feel bad if I don’t respond to comments on Twitter or Facebook, either. I’ll probably make myself scarce from social media until it’s finished.