The Iron Seas Series

Steampunk Romance

THE IRON SEAS series combines nanotech and pirates with a gritty, gaslit Victorian atmosphere to create swashbuckling steampunk romance…with an emphasis on the steam. Not quite sure what steampunk is? Here is a quick overview

Reading Order

Visit the series page to see the reading order, or click on the covers below to see more about that book.

Series Guide & Map

Learn more about the Iron Seas alternate history using this guide. A basic map of the world is included.


the iron duke cover heart of steel coming november 2011 Riveted The Kraken King - Coming Soon

Standalone Novellas

The Blushing Bounder from Wild & Steamy Here There Be Monsters wrecked500 

Epilogue Novellas

These novellas follow the events of The Iron Duke and Heart of Steel, respectively. They are full-length novellas.

Mina Wentworth and the Invisible City - Epilogue Novella #1.5 Tethered

The Guardian Series

Paranormal Romance

The Guardians is a romance series that straddles the line between paranormal and urban fantasy. In it, human men and women who have been given angelic powers fight demons, and fall in love along the way. The series includes an overarching storyline, but each book tells the story of a new couple who reaches their happily-ever-after, with a self-contained romance and plot (as a reader, I love a happy ending—as a writer, I’d never offer anything less.)

Reading Order

Visit the series page to see the reading order, or click on the covers below to see more about that book.

The Story So Far

Whether you’re new to the Guardians or refreshing your memory, this can help guide you through the series.


The Guardian series is complete at eight novels. Although I might revisit the world in novellas or short stories, the main story arc is finished.

 demon angel  demon moon demon night  demon bound      

demon forged  demon blood cover demon marked placeholder cover coming august 2011  guardian demon


hot spell  wild thing   first blood   must love hellhounds   angels of darkness anthology

Unconnected Works

These works are unconnected to my series titles. For more information, click on the covers below or visit the “Unconnected Stories” page.
frozen update copy

Legends of Red Sonja

This is a story that I contributed to a comic book anthology about Red Sonja, one of my favorite heroines!
Legends of Red Sonja #2