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Once called the Morningstar, Lucifer led his angels in a rebellion against Heaven in The First Battle. After he and his rebels were transformed to demons and tossed into Hell, he set himself on the throne of Hell, and all other demons pledged their loyalty to him. Lucifer experiments with the powers of Chaos and the creatures of Hell, creating new beings (such as hellhounds). Angered and jealous of the seraphim on Earth, who humans had begun to worship as gods, Lucifer called a dragon from Chaos and set it upon Earth in the Second Battle.

Lucifer is the most powerful demon, fiercely possessive of his throne, and the only one knowledgeable in the use of magic involving the demon script. He twists words and motive to suit his own purposes. As powerful as he is, he must still follow the Rules — and as the ruler of Hell, enforce those Rules when his demons break them.

After he lost a wager to Michael, Lucifer was forced to close the Gates to Hell for five hundred years.


Lucifer’s three-headed hellhound and Sir Pup’s “father.”


Belial and his followers want to return to Grace. He is the only demon who is said to have retained his angelic form, which is so beautiful it hurts to look upon. Belial has been leading his armies against Lucifer for millennia, but only in the past eight hundred years has it become an ongoing war in Hell. Currently, Belial is in possession of Michael’s sword.


Congressman Stafford was instrumental in helping form Special Investigations, but his motives, the depth of his allegiance to Belial, and the danger he poses to the Guardians are still unclear.


Children of one of the grigori. Though extremely powerful in their natural form in Hell, on Earth they are limited by the human body they must possess. They can only take their stronger form for a limited time, or risk the human body rejecting them. They are weakened when vampire blood enters their bloodstream.

The nephilim cannot teleport, except for when they have been called to enforce the Rules against a demon. Their primary purpose on Earth is to destroy any demon who has broken the Rules, but they have also been eradicating vampire communities. Now that their mother has been released from her prison, they serve her.