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Lucifer's Fall - Gustave DoreIn the First Battle, Lucifer the Morningstar led his rebel angels against Heaven. After their defeat, the rebels received their punishment: they were transformed into demons and tossed into Hell. Although they were free to travel to Earth through the Gates, the demons were bound by the Rules:

They cannot take human life. They cannot prevent a human from acting of his free will.

Those angels who refused to take sides in the First Battle were transformed into nosferatu, cursed with bloodlust and vulnerability to daylight, and sent to Earth. Unlike demons, nosferatu are not bound by the Rules.

Archangel Michael defeating Lucifer by Guido ReniFor a time, seraphim—warrior angels loyal to Heaven—resided in the realm of Caelum and watched over humans, protecting them from the demons’ temptations and the nosferatu’s violence. The seraphim could never completely pass for human, however, and so the people on Earth began worshipping them as gods. When Lucifer realized this, his jealousy led him to wage another war against the angels.

The Second Battle took place on Earth, and Lucifer brought with him a dragon from the Chaos realm. The angels began to falter before the dragon—but mankind, witnessing the battle taking place, joined the angels in their fight against the demons. One man, Michael, destroyed the dragon by cutting through its heart with his sword. With the dragon slain, the angels regrouped and were victorious.

After the Second Battle, the seraphim retreated from Caelum and from Earth. They bestowed upon Michael the power to protect humans, and to transform into Guardians any men or women who had sacrificed their lives to save another from otherworldly threats. In addition to immortality, wings, strength, and the ability to alter their appearance, these Guardians were given individual Gifts to assist in their fight against the demons and nosferatu.

Because they had once been human, Guardians can easily walk among those they protect. But despite their great powers, Guardians are also limited by the Rules.

Human life must always be protected, and free will must always be honored.

—As recorded in the Scrolls by the Doyen, Michael, with ink made of his blood (date unknown).
Translated from the Latin by Alice Grey, 1892.

[Art credits: 1. Lucifer’s Fall by Gustave Doré. Public Domain. Original at Wikipedia. 2. Archangel Michael by Guido Reni. Public Domain. Original at Wikipedia.]