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must love hellhounds“Blind Spot” is the ninth story in the Guardian series, and the fourth novella. It primarily takes place in modern-day America (East Coast).

“Blind Spot” was written to stand alone, but there are a few events from Demon Forged that have influenced the characters’ actions. I’m also including a general history of the Guardians for easier understanding of the world. Everything you need to understand the story itself is included in the novella; this is simply a more straightforward manner of presenting the Guardians’ world.

In the First Battle, Lucifer led his rebels against Heaven. In punishment, they were transformed into demons and tossed into Hell. There were also angels who refused to take sides during the First Battle; these angels were transformed into nosferatu, cursed with bloodlust and vulnerability to daylight, and sent to Earth.

The seraphim who lived in Caelum watched over humans, and protected them from demons and nosferatu. The seraphim could never completely pass for human, however, and so the people on Earth began worshipping them as gods. When Lucifer realized this, his jealousy led him to wage another war against the angels, the Second Battle.

This battle took place on Earth, and Lucifer had with him a dragon from Chaos, and hellhounds. The angels began to falter before the dragon — but mankind, witnessing the battle taking place, joined the angels. One man,Michael, managed to destroy the dragon by cutting through its heart with his sword.

After the Second Battle, the seraphim retreated from Caelum, and gave Michael the power to guard humans on Earth, and to transform other men into Guardians. Because they were once men, Guardians can pass as human, and walk among those they protect.

As you begin “Blind Spot,” it helps to know that: In “Falling for Anthony,” Colin Ames-Beaumont became a vampire, and is uniquely gifted because his blood was tainted by the dragon’s blood staining Michael’s sword. His sister, Emily, and his best friend, Anthony, also were tainted, fell in love, and were married. Then two hundred years pass before the rest of the series begins; all the while, Emily and Anthony’s children have been growing up and having more children.

In DEMON ANGEL, Lucifer lost a wager with Michael, and the Gates to Hell have been closed. A few demons remain on Earth, but the rest are trapped inside Hell, where a war for the throne is being waged between Lucifer and Belial.

In DEMON BOUND, it’s revealed that some demons who consumed dragon blood and flesh were able to mate with humans and produce offspring.

In DEMON FORGED, one demon — a congressman — attempted to frame his butler for the murder of his wife.