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Advance Review Copy (ARC) Requests:

I receive very few advance copies of my books, and give them all away in contests. If you would like an advance copy to review for your publication or blog, please direct your request to the publicists at Berkley/NAL whose contact information I’ve listed in the footer. If you need tips on approaching publishers for ARCs, Dear Author recently published a few suggestions here.

Guest blogs, interviews, and giveaways:

I don’t do many guest blogs, just because I spend most of my time writing and am often behind schedule, so I suffer terrible guilt when I do anything besides write. You can contact me and ask if I’m available, but please don’t be surprised or offended if I have to decline.

If you want to send me questions about my books to be published on your blog, I’m open to answering them, but please be aware that I can’t promise a quick turnaround. Also, if you want an interview, please check out my commonly asked interview questions first — you might find the answer you’re looking for there!

Agent Representation:

Please direct all queries regarding rights or contracted work to Nephele Tempest at The Knight Agency.

Reading your book for a quote:

Please send all blurb requests to Nephele Tempest at The Knight Agency. Please note: I barely manage to fit in a few non-research books a year. I will try to read any books sent to me, but I really can’t guarantee that I’ll get to it in time.

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