December! Books!

I’m still kind of shocked that it’s almost the end of the year. It kind of makes me want to cry. Instead, I’ll have my head buried in the sand a bit longer (I still have a few steampunk Q&As to finish — those are coming this weekend, I think) and just try to finish it out well.

That “finish it out well” will not include reading, alas — at least not until I finish this book. Which is especially sad for me because of two recent releases that I’m dying to get my grubby eyeballs on, but for now I have to settle for looking at their covers on my ebook reader. These are releases from two of my friends (which, I know, suggests automatic bias … but often the reason writers become friends and begin talking in the first place is because they really like each others’ work!)

Head RushIf you haven’t been reading her Disillusionist books, then you probably know Carolyn Crane from our Wild & Steamy antho — she had a fabulous novella set between Books 2 & 3 of her trilogy. If you have been reading the trilogy, then you know what happened at the end of Book 2 (Double Cross) that made me do a OMG! OMG! and why I’ve been waiting along with so many others for the conclusion to this story.

Well, unless you are me and you aren’t reading anything until a book is turned in, you don’t have to wait any longer! Head Rush is finally here!

I will be avoiding any and all spoilers (but if it doesn’t end the way I want it to, I will be a whiny, petulant baby the next time I see Carolyn.)

Fate's EdgeAnd of course Ilona Andrews’ work needs no introduction here. Ilona and Gordon have a ridiculous ability to write anything and make it some of the best, most imaginative and strong work out there today — and her Edge series is no exception.

Fate’s Edge, the latest in this paranormal (rural fantasy?) romance series hit shelves last week (I always get so twisted around with end-of-the-month release dates!). As Ilona puts it: What do you get when you take the best conman in the world and make him into a secret agent? You get Kaldar Mar.

And because it’s Ilona Andrews, we get an awesome freaking story, too.

So go forth! Read it. Love it.

ETA: Oh my god, and Agony/Ecstasy, too! lol, this is how out-of-it I’ve been — I totally spaced this release!



Erotic romance collection

My contemporary short story, “Rescue Me,” will be included in this anthology (official site here, including excerpts from each story and a full author listing). This story stands alone, and is unrelated to my Guardians and Iron Seas series.

$15.00 Berkley Heat | $9.99 Berkley Ebook
ISBN 978-0425243459 | November 1st, 2011