Demon Angel is an ebook!

demon angel
Yay! I’ve been waiting for this day to come, and it has! Demon Angel has just been released as an ebook. I’ve only checked Amazon and Barnes and Noble so far, but they both have it, so I imagine that it should be available wherever Penguin sells ebooks.

I’d planned to throw a huge blog party when it finally came out in ebook, but I’m not sure what form that will take yet (I kind of, ahem, didn’t expect this and totally blew my promo budget for this month on the New Year’s giveaway postage.) So I’ll come up with something over the next few days.

Now, about Demon Angel — a lot of people ask whether to start the Guardians series here, and it’s true that the series officially begins with this book … but it and Demon Moon are also the two books that readers have had the most trouble getting into (and other readers love them, so I can’t even begin to guess whether you would, too). My advice usually is: Read the reviews. If the problems mentioned sound like something that would really bother you, skipping to Demon Night might be a good idea (and you can always go back later and read the first two books when you’re more familiar with the mythology of the series.)

I’ve written a bit more about this here. You can see in the comments, the same reactions: some loved the series right away, some couldn’t get into until Demon Night.

Of course I hope you all love it, though! Lilith and Hugh are still one of my favorite couples … and Sir Pup, too 😀

Also, Penguin ebooks don’t typically come with covers. So here’s one (mildly offensive) that I made up for the print readers long, long ago*.

A mildly offensive cover that fits Demon Angel a little better than the real one does. Click to enlarge.

*Ack. Thank goodness my Photoshop skillz have improved a little since then.