D’oh! FROZEN – A Slight Delay + Review Copies

Well, crap. These are apparently the growing pains of self-publishing stuff … even shorter works. Because the problem is, the story is not quite as short as I thought it would be, and I’ve had more distractions than I thought I would have, as well. *waves to the family reunion, waves to father’s day stuff, waves to graduations that I didn’t know I would have to attend, waves to that extra 10,000 words that I ripped out last week and am rewriting* I haven’t even seen MAN OF STEEL yet, which tells you how insane everything has been.

I had the brief thought that I would just rush it out today, but the problem is — that wouldn’t really leave time for proofreading, and there would probably be errors that pop up in the code or formatting, and so on. So I had to choose between making sure I put out a clean, nicely formatted story or just putting out it ASAP, and I’m going to choose putting out a clean story.

A delay is only a few days … a hundred typos are forever. I know which one I’d rather have readers be mad at me for.

But it’s not going to be a long delay! I suspect that it will be out by the end of this week. (MELJEAN’S note: I was wrong, it wasn’t out by the end of the week, because I’ve rewritten it a billion times now :-/ ) But I’m also going to learn my lesson and NOT give a specific date, because apparently I’m really awful about that.

Two forms are below. One is just a signup to be notified when I release the story. The other is a signup for review copies.

Do you want to be notified when FROZEN is released?

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If you are interested in reviewing FROZEN (you don’t have to have a blog — posting it at any site will do) please fill out the following form:

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