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Meljean’s Note: While looking for something in an old file, I ran across a few things I wrote while I was trying to determine exactly how I would a) get Colin’s backstory across, b) share some worldbuilding information, and c) show what had happened in Caelum, and in the months between the end ofDemon Angel and the opening of Demon Moon.

I ended up doing something different than this — but I had originally thought of opening each chapter with an e-mail exchange. Because Savi, she is very curious, and her constant questions could have been an easy way to explain certain rules. So that’s how these started out … but then I ended up entertaining myself way too much, and these little exchanges would have disrupted the narrative flow of the rest of the novel.

So, as far as I’m concerned, these are in continuity — and they aren’t really spoilers for Demon Moon, because they take place in the in-between time. There are slight spoilers for Demon Angel, however. It’s not much, but they are fun. The title of it should probably be:

Savitri Has A Question; or
How Savitri’s Curiosity Slowly Drives Colin Insane.

2007.08.07 01:38:25

Subject: A question…Hellhounds?

If hellhounds like Sir Pup can travel through the Gate between Hell and Earth, and hellhounds aren’t prevented by the Rules from killing or hurting humans, why didn’t Lucifer send a bunch of them to kill people and, you know, create terror?

Aug 7, 2007  8:17 am

Subject: RE:
A question…Hellhounds?

They can’t; their only anchor is to Hell. Sir Pup can because I made him eat the piece of my leg that the hellhound pack had ripped off when they attacked me. When Sir Pup ingested it, he gained an anchor to Earth.

7 August 2007 08.35 am

Subject: RE:
A question…Hellhounds?

Even human, my dear, you terrify me. As I’m certain was your goal in sending this to me.

By the by, I am quite aware that you think it amusing, but would you be so good as to change my e-mail address? My name would be sufficient; I do not require anonymity.

Wilde was a prick. A witty prick, but a prick all the same.


7 August 2007 09.46 am (saved in Draft Folder, unsent)

Subject: You ought to indulge your curiosity.

My sweet Savitri,

If, in your endless search for knowledge regarding things Above and Below, you should ever focus on vampirism, direct your questions to me and I shall be honored to will answer them for you. Lilith and Castleford are well versed in many things, but experience is the best tutor, don’t you agree? but I daresay I’m more familiar with that particular topic than they, despite the effects of my tainted blood which separate me from the rest of my kind and my replies far less gruesome.

I frequently visit Castleford’s home; why do you never venture from your flat to ask me questions such as this in person? I cannot understand this continuing avoidance of me; do you remember our encounter so well? No matter — electronic communication is safe, is it not? I shall be satisfied if this is the only contact you allow me.

Your devoted servant,
Best regards,
Ever yours,
With the deepest affection,
With the deepest apologies,
Please forgive me,
Bloody hell.

2007.08.08 12:40:09


Subject: A question…Your art?

The painting of Caelum you gave to Lilith is extraordinarily beautiful; it takes my breath away really something. Do you have any copies, or paintings similar you would be willing to sell? Or, if not, could I commission an original? I will pay any price you determine is fair. I only hope it is not as high as the one you determined I should pay in Caelum compensate you handsomely well for your time and trouble.

Please say yes. I would give anything to have a tiny piece of Heaven again. Memories are not enough. It destroys me to think of what we saw in the hours we spent exploring that realm–and what we lost when we had to leave it.


Wed, 08 Aug 2007 12:42:03

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2007.08.08 12:43:36

Subject: A question…Colin’s e-mail address?

Doesn’t his follow the same format as everyone else’s?

I’m trying to be good, and not just sneak onto the SI network and look.

btw, you guys need to update your server.

Aug 8, 2007  3:08 pm

Subject: RE:
A question…Colin’s e-mail address?

In theory, yes. In reality, no. It’s — but he’s in our office now. Shall I pass along a message?

Congratulations — you resisted temptation. Your place in Heaven is secure, even if our computers are not.

2007.08.08 15:10:56

Subject: RE: A question…Colin’s e-mail address?

I’m never certain anymore if that’s a joke.

Re: Colin. Never mind. It was nothing.

2007.08.08 15:12:49

Subject: A question…Dorian Gray?

Okay, this is killing me. Why was he assigned a username like that? Was he Wilde’s inspiration for Dorian Gray? Immortal,corrupt beautiful — and the portraits. It fits.

And were they ever…? You know. He took your blood once, didn’t he? And I know the effect on the vampire and human is sexual. And I must admit, true or not, the image of him with another guy is pretty damn hot. And he’s two hundred years old. He must have experimented at least once.

Unless I was his experiment.

Aug 8, 2007  3:20 pm

Subject: RE:
A question…Dorian Gray?

I told him that you asked if he and Wilde had been lovers. He does not answer; he is likely afraid he will be caught in a lie.

And Lilith is no help; she is laughing still. She has been trying to convince him to kiss me for several months now. This may be one question that will remain unanswered, Savi.

2007.08.09 03:02:17 (deleted before sending)

Subject: Sorry

If I offended you with my question today, please know that wasn’t my intent. I just don’t always know when to stop. But I don’t want you to think that your sexual orientation is at the foremost of my thoughts, whatever it may be, straight or bi or gay.

I mean, the sex was really spectacular, but I don’t think about it. And it’s not likely to happen again, right?

Oh, god, what am I doing?

9 August 2007 03.02 am (saved in Draft Folder, unsent)

Subject: You ought to know better, Savitri.

Your conversation with Castleford tells me that you have learned very little about my desires, despite my efforts in Caelum to teach you. Must I instruct you again, my sweet Savitri?

There are too many parts of you that I missed the first time that I’m more than eager to visit now, should you give me the chance. Do not tempt me.

Bloody hell.

Please tempt me. I beg it of you. I pray that your inquiry today means that you are softening towards me, and that soon you will forgive me enough to look at me again, even if you do nothing else.

Bloody fucking hell.