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A fun promo item that has cropped up in romance circles is romance trading cards, designed as collector’s items for various conventions and conferences. As I mentioned once in this post at Odd Shots, I have long history of collecting these types of cards, and so there was no way I could resist making my own. (See other authors’ cards here.)

These sets are printed in limited quantities, but I will always keep some to give away through my Facebook page, my newsletter, or my blog. So even if you don’t attend the conferences, there is always a chance to win a set!

2011 Romance Writers of America & Authors After Dark — The Iron Seas (Set of 4)

Iron Seas Romance Trading Cards, Set of 4 - Art by Kitsune Steele

Full-size prints of the Iron Seas artwork will be available through Kitsune Steele’s site later this summer.

2011 RT, RWA & AAD — Kick-Ass Heroine (Set of 3) and Guardian Series Checklist

Art by Cliff Nielsen, Cover Images by Berkley Publishing. Click to enlarge.
guardian series checklist