Free steampunk reads, two Q&As, and a little dance.

Yesterday in the comments, jmc reminded me of an upcoming m/m steampunk romance from Carina Press, Island of Icarus by Christine Danse. I’ve invited her to come over and tell us more about it closer to the release date, but until them, she also has released a few (FREE!) erotic steampunk short stories over at Smashwords: That Dratted Affair with the Dream Engine and Regarding the Events of One Sherlock’s Scandalous St. Valentine’s Day.

I also have a few Q&A’s about the Iron Seas up around the internet today: Over The Edge Book Reviews asked me some Proustian questions (and is also having a giveaway), and we’re talking about Strong women, hot pirates and zombies over at the Vampire Book Club.

And finally, I can’t even remember why I looked this up yesterday, but it’s been STUCK IN MY HEAD ever since. I’m here to share the pain (or joy. I’m really not sure which it is. I do remember thinking that this was the coolest thing ever the first time I saw the movie, and might have tried to recreate the scene in a barn once or twice or thirty times.)