Frequently Asked Questions: Scarsdale’s Story & General Iron Seas

I’ve been asked these several times recently, so I thought they deserved their own FAQ post.

  • Question: Is Scarsdale (from The Iron Duke) getting his own story?
    Answer: Yep.

    The longer answer: I’d actually intended to write his story as the bonus content for the Heart of Steel mass market reprint, but while working out the plot and all of the issues that needed to be resolved (he has a lot of issues) I realized that it would be way too long for that reprint — and since the epilogue story that did end up in the reprint was 50K words (half a novel), that’s really saying something.

    So I expect that when it is finished, Scarsdale’s story will be a category- to full-length novel. I’m going to do my damndest to get it out next year, but I’m hesitant to make promises because a) I’m a slow writer and b) I have contracted work that has to come first (i.e., Michael’s book & a steampunk novella, and Iron Seas #4, which release in May and November, respectively).

  • Question: When will “Tethered” be released as an ebook?
    Answer: April 2013. I know this is a wait. If you want to be reminded when it comes out, you might want to sign up for my postcard mailing list or newsletter.
  • Question: Will “Here There Be Monsters” ever be released as a standalone ebook?
    Answer: Yep. Next fall.

Anything else? My comments are open.