Frequently Asked: Will RIVETED’s ebook drop in price?

RivetedAnswer: Yes! Right now it is $12.99 at most stores, and $10.99 at Amazon, so I can understand how prohibitive that is. But, good news! The mass-market edition is coming out April 1st. So far, every time the mass-market edition of the Iron Seas novels has been released, there has been a corresponding drop in the ebook price to match the print price — which is $7.99.

For those of you who buy from Amazon, you’ll probably see it at $5.99, because that bookstore has been regularly discounting Berkley ebooks beyond the publisher’s listed price.

FAQ: Will there be an epilogue novella in the mass-market print version (because both The Iron Duke and Heart of Steel re-issues included epilogue novellas.)

Answer: No. RIVETED already has a short epilogue, and unlike the previous two books, I feel that Annika and David’s relationship doesn’t have as many interpersonal conflicts remaining to explore. That doesn’t mean we’ll never see them again, or that their adventures are over … but they really are my sweetest couple, and they have the fewest issues remaining between them. So I feel that trying to create conflict would be false and forced, and that if the conflict for the story is almost purely external, then the romantic aspect suffers.