Good job, Playboy

In the same year the NYT is carrying articles about how WW has a ongoing female writer for the first time in her 60 year history? Gloria Steinem put her on the front of Ms. magazine as a feminist icon… and you use her for this? I mean, I find Wonder Woman incredibly sexy. And I like cheesecake art; I like erotic art, too. But this? At least with a comic book, with cheesecake, there’s still some power there, because there’s a storyline and a character behind it. But slapping her on the front of a pin-up magazine in a painted suit? Why not just paint a blob of semen across her face and get it over with?

ad. Very, very sad. Even more sad if Warner Bros or DC actually approved the use (I’m not sure Playboy had to obtain permission — the costume is just generic enough, with no breastplate and a few other details changed, that it might not be any kind of infringement.)

Link is NSFW! From Pink Raygun.