*headdesk* (take ten)

I went to bed about four-thirty last night after finishing a scene that I really liked (even if it was also very rough), woke up late for 1st day back to school, somehow got daughter/husband there on time, drove sister to work…and was stopped because my brake light was out.

While stopped, I learned that my license has been suspended for the past year. (Because last year, I’d been pulled over for having a missing headlight, and found out that my license had expired when I turned 30. Then I forgot about the court date, and sent in the money, but apparently even though you get a receipt/clear from the courts, you’re supposed to take that in to the DMV so that they can reinstate your license. Whoops.)

Went to DMV, was reinstated as a legal driver.

Now, 9:30, I’m back home and about to start writing again.