It wasn’t so elementary, Watson.

ElementaryAlthough I’m enjoying pretty much every recent version of Sherlock Holmes, to my surprise, Elementary has become my favorite.

And why surprised? Because when I first saw the ads for the series last fall, I was all eye-rolly. The only reason I started watching was for my love of Lucy Liu, but even then I didn’t expect much. But then I was hooked.

I do like the BBC version and the movie version, quite a bit (and I like the BBC version over the RDJ movies). But between the treatment of Sherlock and his addiction + the awesome that is Lucy Liu’s Watson, Elementary has jumped ahead of the others*.

I just wish the show had a more regular schedule, instead of jumping around week to week, because that seems like it would be a kiss of death as far as ratings are concerned. :-/ It’s hard to develop an audience when they can’t count on the show being on. (Also, thank goodness for Amazon video subscriptions, or I wouldn’t ever know it was on, either.)

So, for those who are watching — which version is ahead?

*Sometimes. There are bits and pieces of the BBC version that I love and think are brilliant, and better in some ways than the U.S. version, and the charisma of Cumberbatch and Freeman (and their chemistry) is pure magic. But in terms of characterization, I just have to go with the Miller/Liu version. Maybe it’s because they have more episodes to develop? Not sure.