Kobo Coupon Code for a free copy of Fire & Frost

WRECKED The Iron SeasThis is cool — I went to an event today hosted by Jan’s Paperbacks (an awesome local romance-friendly indie bookstore), which has partnered with Kobo to offer ebooks through independent bookstores to give readers more purchasing options, and that also allow them to support local businesses.

As part of the promotion, I have a coupon code for a free copy of Fire & Frost. This coupon code is specific to Jan’s Bookstore and Kobo. You just need a Kobo account (you don’t need their ebook reader, because they also have free apps and programs for your computers, phones, or tablets).

How to use the coupon code: This link takes you to the Fire & Frost page at Jan’s Paperbacks online bookstore. From there, you can click on “buy ebook” which will take you to the Kobo site. Add the book to your cart, and when you checkout use the coupon code below and it should take your total down to $0.00.

Coupon Code: jansbooks

The code expires 11/30/2013.