Legends of Red Sonja #2 is here!

Whee! This issue contains my story, The Undefeated. Some of you might remember that Red Sonja’s history included some not-so-awesome aspects, such as: she had to be defeated before she could sleep with anyone. So I took that and played with it a bit, and threw in an arrogant barbarian who has every intention of defeating her.

But really, the big news here is: my story is in a comic with a story by TAMORA PIERCE. It’s like all of my fangirl dreams come true in one awesome issue.

About this storyline: My mother left a voicemail for me last night, saying that she was buying Issue #2, but is that the whole story? And if my own mother is confused about what is happening, I’m guessing that many others will be, too.

My story is part of a larger story arc within a 5-issue mini-series. The story started in Issue #1, when the Gray Riders are sent out to assassinate Sonja. Along the way, they encounter people who have met her … and tell their own stories about Sonja.

Altogether, it’s really fabulous, and I’ve loved all of the stories that I’ve read. This WILL be eventually collected in a graphic novel, but that’s months away. Still, for those of you who don’t read floppies, that’s another option. It’s also available in digital format (which is how I read my comics these days.) Anyway, here’s the info:

LegendsSonja02CovAnacletoCovers: Jay Anacleto
Writer: Gail Simone, Tamora Pierce, Meljean Brook
Art: Jack Jadson, Cassandra James, Mel Rubi
Genre: Sword and Sorcery, Adventure, Superhero
Publication Date: Dec 2013
Format: Comic Book
Page Count: 32 pages
UPC: 725130209290 00211
ON SALE DATE: December 4
The LEGENDS continue, in this 40th anniversary spectacular mini-series, featuring short stories by the best female writers of prose, games and comics, and a wraparound story by Sonja’s series writer, Gail Simone! In this issue, a young girl’s life is changed forever by a chance meeting with the She-Devil, in a thrilling story by the best-selling TITAN of fantasy novels, TAMORA PIERCE, and an old rivalry is remembered in a powerful story by acclaimed dark fantasy romance author MELJEAN BROOK! And all the while, Red Sonja is pursued across the land by the deadly assassins, the GREY RIDERS! Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind mini-series!

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