More about RIVETED, including a cover.

I’m still in my writing cave, but am poking out my head for a few minutes to post the cover for the third book in the Iron Seas series, Riveted. I love it to pieces (and I also love the new look for the series!)

Riveted, a Novel of the Iron Seas

I’ve received a few questions regarding this book, so here’s an impromptu FAQ about Riveted:

When is it out? September 4, 2012. And it’s already up for pre-order at Amazon, which means that it should soon be up for pre-order at Barnes & Noble, Powells, and The Book Depository, as well.

Who are the main characters? David Kentewess and Annika Fridasdottor — he’s a vulcanologist with mechanical parts (some are indicated on the cover, some aren’t so obvious); she’s an engineer on an airship (and in a troll’s belly.)

Have we met them before? No, and we won’t see any characters from the other books in the series, either, except for (vague) references to events in those books and other Easter Eggs. I want most of the books in the Iron Seas to stand alone as much as possible, and I also want to travel around the world. This means I have to leave some familiar characters behind…but I’ll get around to them again eventually (coughTheBlacksmithcough).

Where is the book set? Iceland, mostly. Near a volcano.

Does the book have a description? Yes, it does: Totally awesome!

Nah. The cover copy is finished, but I haven’t made a page for it on my website yet … and the release is still half a year away! I promise I’ll have something up within a few weeks (probably around the time the Penguin catalog for Fall 2012 is out) and an excerpt early this summer.

ETA: Never mind, I do have a page up! 😀 I’ve been sitting on this post for a while, and since then, I’ve put up the description here.

“Totally awesome” still fits, though.