Movies, Movies

The nice thing about finishing a book is that I finally treat myself to the movies I’ve been wanting to watch. So, yay! Avengers was much better than I thought it would be. I still don’t get why ***SPOILER PLOT POINT SPOILER*** Loki let himself be captured … was it just in the hope that the Hulk would take out the other heroes, really? ***END SPOILER PLOT POINT*** But, whatever. They did a good job making certain that each character had his/her moment, and played to their strengths (though it still makes me laugh hysterically every time I see Captain America with a machine gun. I know he’s the ultimate soldier, but there’s something about spandex and automatic weapons that just doesn’t compute for me.)

But the movie I’m really, really looking forward to, even more than the final Batman movie (and this is really saying something):

If the video doesn’t embed, it’s the Prometheus trailer.


I also re-watched Dog Soldiers, which is a werewolf movie that I don’t see mentioned very often, but that I love a little more every time I see it. Dog Soldiers is also why I made it through my first viewing of The Descent — not because The Descent was bad, but because the parts where the ladies were squeezing through tiny holes in the cave made me so, so claustrophobic and anxious that I could barely watch it. Those scenes were far, far more terrifying than the cave mutants. Anyway, they have the same director/writer (Neil Marshall) and that’s almost like trusting an author — they got you through one movie without disappointing you, so you have hope that they’ll do the same to the next. I haven’t seen Centurion or Doomsday yet, though (though Centurion is on Netflix streaming, but I don’t usually love movies about ancient Rome/Romans (I kinda didn’t like Gladiator at all, for example, though that might also have been because of Russell Crowe … (though perhaps unsurprisingly, I enjoyed the super-cheesy Spartacus TV show)). And Doomsday looks right up my alley, but it isn’t streaming, and my current DVD queue is filled with movies to show the girl. Sigh. Maybe I will sneak it in, anyway.)

And because I want to test this video division class on my blog again, here’s the trailer for Dog Soldiers.

OMG, Worst Trailer Ever.