Both sides of my brain are highly susceptible to suggestion

So last night I was dreaming about something (I have no idea what) but in one part, I was in front of a window, looking at a poster advertising books. And at the bottom of the poster, I see a tiny little label with gold font lettering that said one of my novellas would be available as an ebook at the end of November. (It had a price point of $2.95, if you’re ever tempted to buy it with dream-money.)

Obviously, I picked it up from this discussion at Dear Author. The sad part is, however, that I’m even more susceptible than that.

About fifteen or so years ago, I watched an episode of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES (“Perchance to Dream”) where, because he can’t read anything, Bruce figures out that he’s been trapped in a dream state. He arrives at this conclusion because, as he explains, the right side of the brain enables reading, and dreaming is centered in the left side of the brain.

But I totally believed it until a couple of years ago, when I realized that I’m always reading things in my dreams. Like, for example, little labels with gold lettering.

But why would I doubt it? BATMAN SAID IT! *sob* He lied! He lied!

*deep breath*

So, you can pretty much tell me anything — and chances are, I’ll believe it.