Oct 25 Winner: Leah! — and WW Day pictures

Leah (#17), you’ve won the Erin McCarthy/Kristan Higgins pack, plus a book from my backlist! Congratulations!

Also, here are some pictures from WW Day at Excalibur Comics in Portland:

My wonder tot, Wonder Woman, and me. I’m not sure who was more excited — my daughter or me :joker: It was very cute, though — we were about a block away from the store when my daughter and Wonder Woman spotted each other. Wonder Woman waved, and my daughter started running and doing her giggly I’m-so-excited! laugh … then realized she wasn’t supposed to run to strangers, even superheroes. So she looked at me, and of course I told her to go. Unfortunately, the first picture with just my daughter and Wonder Woman didn’t come out, and I also couldn’t get her to pose with the Batman. She’ll eventually learn 😀
wonder woman day
Then here’s two of daughter and me at the event. Gail Simone signed two comics for my daughter, then I bought a ton more. I really, really shouldn’t be allowed into one of these places with my wallet.