No, not Bobby — although he is the one who found this book among the sack of categories my sister brought up from my dad’s house yesterday (also a Susan Napier, THE MISTRESS DECEPTION — reviewed here by Rosario — which I really enjoyed, and a Vicki Lewis Thompson Blaze that I haven’t read before.)

He brought it in and said, “How is it that this book doesn’t top everyone’s Best Ever– I Couldn’t Wait To Grab This Off The Shelf! list?”

I dunno, Bobby. Why do you think that is?

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I’ll admit the guys do kind of remind me of those twin appraisers on the Antique Roadshow. I think they also host their own “how much is your stuff worth” show? Apparently, they also used to pose for HAR in their spare time.


You wouldn’t believe how long it took before I managed to get a shot of this that wasn’t a) blurry or b) washed out by the flash.