Pre-Release Info: RIVETED, Frequent Questions, and Promo

I just got back from a weekend camping trip with my family, where my older sister said, “Your new book started off a little slow, but then it was good!” I suspect that this will be true for many readers (er…maybe not the ‘good’ part, but the ‘starting off slow’ part). Actually, when I sent it to my friend Jill Myles a couple of months ago, this was one of the concerns I had: Did it begin too slowly? She was very nice about it, but I think this is probably true for a lot of my books (especially the Guardians, where I feel like I spend a couple of chapters just re-introducing the world and What Came Before.)

Er, anyway. This post is not about my writerly insecurities. It’s to warn you of the upcoming book pimpage and promotion that will be taking place over the next week or so.

The first is up today! The lovely ladies at Dark Faerie Tales interviewed me about Riveted and are giving away a copy, as well as a copy of Heart of Steel.

Next week I’ll also have a post at Literary Escapism, a tidbit about Riveted on USA Today’s HEA blog, and then the next week I’ll be visiting the ladies at Lady Jane’s Salon in Denver via Skype (details here). I’ll post reminders about those as they come up.

Release Dates

UK Edition

UK/Aus/NZ: The Berkley UK edition will be released on September 13th.

Audio: Tantor Audio will be producing the audio version of this book, narrated by Alison Larkin. The release date is September 17th.

Riveted FAQ’s

I’m seeing some of the same questions about Riveted show up in my e-mail and around the internet, so I thought I’d (try to) answer them here.

Does it stand alone?

Yes. We haven’t met any of these characters before and the story takes place in a never-before-seen part of the Iron Seas world. Readers familiar with the series might recognize references to some names and events, but if you haven’t read the other books, it shouldn’t feel like you are missing any information.

Do I need to read the other books first?

Nope. All of the information that you need to understand the world and the story is included in the book. That doesn’t mean Riveted will answer every question about the world, however — for example, if you want to know about the origin of the nanoagents or more information about the Horde, you’re going to find that in Heart of Steel, not this book.

If you want an overview of the world before starting, I suggest checking out the Iron Seas guide, which includes a map and a basic alternate history. You don’t need this to read Riveted, but it does provide a simple way to orient yourself in the world and the changes that took place.

Any more? Please feel free to ask in the comments!

And here is a picture of the giant dragonfly that landed on my niece’s shoulder while we were hiking this weekend: