Question re: Guardian Retrospective Posts

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. My daughter had a day camp at a college across the river, and rather than waste all my time driving back and forth, I stayed at the library and worked (but didn’t have access to the college network, alas.)

But I did start writing the retrospective post for “Falling for Anthony.” I’m not done yet, but here’s the problem: I’m only through the “Why did I choose the setting?/Why did I make the characters this way?” section and it’s already four single-spaced pages.

So obviously, these posts are going to be HUGE, and I suspect that some readers are probably interested in some aspects (the trivia and series refresher stuff) and not so interested in others (Why Anthony is a young physician rather than a thousand-year old Guardian warrior at the beginning of the story). So I’m putting it up for a vote. Do you want me to break up the posts into three sections — Writing, Re-Reading, Series Trivia — or would you rather have one huge post?

*Which was a total deja vu feeling, because I wrote the novella while in a college library. And this week I wrote a section of Guardian Demon that refers heavily to the the novella along with the retrospective post at exactly the same type of desk. It gives kind of a weirdly awesome sense of continuity.

At Reed College