Semi-Yearly Update! (TL;DR version: it’s not a novella anymore!)

So…yeah. In August, I was all “who wants to review my barbarian novella that should be done September-ish?!” and a bunch of people signed up* and I was all whee, yay, Meljean is coming out with something soon, even if she calls herself Milla.

NOW IT’S 2017 

And VENGEANCE is not a novella anymore. (Raise your hand if you are surprised.)

It’s not even a novella by MY standards! (Like TETHERED was originally a “bonus novella” in HEART OF STEEL … at 50K words. I originally expected this to be around that length. Hahahahaha!)

So. It’s still coming. It’s just longer than I thought it would be. And the Blacksmith is right after it. I hired an awesome artist for some cover art and expect to see that any day. Until then, the poster version to the left is the placeholder.

Er… So, what else have I been doing since my last update?

Well, ROGUE ONE was awesome.

I haven’t seen a ton of movies, though.

Haven’t read a ton, either. Mostly a lot of Harlequin manga.

And I made some cover art (though not as much anymore, now that my writing mojo is back.) But really, who cares? All that matters is the writing, yeah?

But here is some of that art anyway. This will be pretty much close to my last batch of cover art, except for maybe series I’ve already started, because, yay! Writing again.

So that’s Meljean at the beginning of 2017. Mojo reclaimed. And once again writing WAY over her intended word count.


*If you signed up or sent me an email, yes — you will still get the ARC. It’ll just be bigger. And longer. And harder.