Stock Photo of the Day — Search: Angry Grandma

So, this one actually has a story behind it (told on Twitter.) In my last post about ‘good things on the Internet,’ I mentioned something about people Google stalking, and of course that was in reference to the “Stop the GR Bullies” site that popped up in the last week.

Anyway, Stacia Kane posted a really great blog in response to that site today, then tweeted the link. And so I eventually used some Photoshop.

(I was wrong about finding humor, by the way. Kat Kennedy’s response here is full of win and funny.)

So, anyway. I do kind of feel like that whenever some stupid eruption takes place on Goodreads or anywhere else, with some party acting like a total asshat, it would be totally appropriate to insert this photo in there with a link to Stacia’s post. Because she might feel like a ranting granny (even though, as she points out in another tweet, she’s not actually old enough to be a granny), here in Meljeanland we just like to call her rants

Freaking Common Sense

So, distribute as needed, I guess.

To be used whenever asshats do asshatty things in the name of protecting authors from meanie reviewers.