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The Sheepshifter’s Daughter*

His name was Randy. He came in the night, his devil-eyes flashing under the full moonlight. She succumbed to temptation. He left before morning.

A month later, she felt the quickening. Should she tell him? No. He’d left her. She would have his secret baby. Even if he offered up his billions and billions of dollars to help support the child, she would refuse…because he didn’t love her. Their baby might starve, but at least she had her pride. She and the baby could live on that.

Years passed. One moonlit night he returned, his face drawn and his devil-eyes haunted, as if he’d spent years missing her. She knew he hadn’t. She’d seen pictures in the tabloids. He had a thousand mistresses.

Then he looked down at their child, and even though she’d tried to conceal their baby with a filmy net veil, she saw the moment when he recognized the truth. He knew! Their devil-eyes were the same.

“You have to marry me now,” he said. “That’s my kid.”

“No! No!” she said. “You left me without a word! And you have a thousand mistresses!”

“I’ll blackmail you and take the child, because I have billions of dollars.”

“Then I have no choice!” she sobbed. “But I won’t sleep with you!”

He gave an arrogant toss of his head. “I will have you tonight!”

And he did.


*Yes, I know it’s a goat. But “sheepshifter” is funnier.

**Why are there so many “The X’s Daughter” or “The X’s Wife” books out there now? Do these women not have their own identities? BLAH. Is it the fault of “The Time-Traveler’s Wife”?