The barbarians are coming! Please update your newsletter subscription!

I sent out this newsletter but I’m pasting it here, too:

Hi everyone! So it’s been a long time since I’ve sent out a newsletter, but that’s because I didn’t have any news! Now I do.

As many of you know, I broke my steampunker brain and for years, I struggled badly while writing the Blacksmith’s story. I’m sorry to say that this is not an update regarding that book. I really hope to return to the Iron Seas, but it won’t be right away.

One of the other projects that I’ve been working on in the meantime, however, is the barbarian fantasy romance series that I began with the novella “The Beast of Blackmoor” in the NIGHT SHIFT anthology, written as Milla Vane.

And it’s Milla Vane who has an announcement regarding a release set in the same world as “The Beast of Blackmoor.” I’m still waiting on the final okay from my publisher (Berkley) to give all the details, but since I haven’t used this newsletter list for a long time, I want to make certain that everyone who is still subscribed is getting the news they want: whether that’s from Milla Vane or from Meljean Brook.

Also, in the years since my last newsletter, new rules went into effect regarding email marketing. To make sure I’m compliant with those rules, I am rebuilding this newsletter only with email addresses that have confirmed their subscription. I will send out another email to this list when we release the cover and book description (which will have an exclusive newsletter reveal!) but any following newsletters will only be sent to addresses that have confirmed their subscription.

So here is where you can do that! Please update your newsletter subscription for Meljean Brook/Milla Vane.

(If this link doesn’t work, you can scroll down to the bottom of this newsletter and click “update my preferences”.)

Please make sure to check both newsletters if you want to hear news regarding releases from both pen names! I don’t want to spam anyone, so if you are only signed up for Meljean, you won’t get anything from Milla.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email through my website or on Facebook. I’m not active on Twitter much anymore as either Meljean or Milla (I think those accounts are only set to publish automated updates from my blog and newsletter) but in the days following this, I’ll make an attempt to check replies there.

I’m so excited to be back and can’t wait to tell you more about the upcoming releases!
My best,