The difference between erotic romance (e-pub or NY) and hot romance…

Inspired by this quote in Jordan Summers RTB post:

I can’t tell you how many times I have been reading books where the hero and the heroine are in peril (one or both are severely injured) and then wham, they’re ripping their clothes off and he’s taking her anally.

I agree, I get tired of senseless sex, too. There has to be story and emotion (well, most of the time. Sometimes I just want to read sex. But mostly, I’m over that. I got over that after the 4,587th Mulder/Scully NC-17 fanfic I read.) But still, the “turn her over and do her up the ass?” In hot romance, the heroine seems to standing her ground on this issue….

Courtesy of Meatloaf and YouTube.