The Inevitable Abduction is here! (And that’s not Ariq on the cover!)

Hello to the future! This is Meljean, scheduling a post in the past while I’m in my finishing-up-this-book-cave! Because you know what today is? It’s the day that SOMEONE is inevitably abducted!

(And the title of this post is just because I realized that many readers were assuming that the guy on the cover was Ariq. It’s not! It’s just a stock photo guy who we are going to call the villain … or THE INEVITABLE ABDUCTOR! Who is he? Find out in Part IV!)

I also think there might be an interview* up at Dear Author today, along with a poster giveaway — but I don’t have a direct link because I wrote this in the past!

tkk4The Kraken King
and the Inevitable Abduction


Warning! This description includes spoilers for previous installments!

The Kraken King has declared that Zenobia Fox is under his protection—and with her identity revealed, she needs that protection more than ever. But it comes with a price when Ariq demands that Zenobia reveal her secrets in return.

Ariq wants nothing more than for Zenobia to trust him, and he knows exactly which sensual tricks will breach her defenses. But although she urgently desires the powerful governor, Zenobia isn’t a woman who will be easily won with a few passionate kisses.

When his ambush goes awry, Ariq discovers just how deeply he can hurt her—but the real danger to Zenobia is one that he never expected…

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*Kind of an interview. I took up so much space answering just one question that poor Jane kind of gave up after that. But you’ll learn more about Milla Vane!