The Iron Duke in Italy – March 1

The Iron Duke Italian Translation

March 1 from Newton Compton

The Iron Duke is coming to Italian readers on March 1st (I think! I had to rely on Google Translate for that information).

Here is the page from Newton Compton.

Here is a PDF excerpt.

This cover is much different from the other international covers we’ve seen so far — I actually thought it was for a Guardian book, at first! 😀 But after I realized they played up the zombie angle, it made a lot of sense.

I’ll update my International page to include this within a day or two.

It also looks like the Penguin fall catalog will be coming out soon, so Riveted‘s cover might be floating around within a day or two. I’m not sure if it’s final yet, but as soon as I’ve heard, I’ll post it here, as well.