The Kraken King, Part VIII roundup! and FAQs

The Kraken King - Part EightFirst, a few frequently asked questions:

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When will the compiled version of THE KRAKEN KING be released? I’m not sure yet! I expect that it will be fall/early winter. It all depends on my publisher’s schedule (and I turned in the very last part only a few weeks ago, so as far as print production is concerned,  it’s almost like I just turned the book in.)

Will there be an audiobook? I think so! I never know until my publisher makes the sale to the audiobook producer. But since the rest of the series has been issued on audiobook, I’m going to assume that this one will, too, until I hear otherwise. Then I expect it will be released at the same time as the compiled version.

You have an alter ego? Have you published any other books under Milla Vane? Nope! NIGHT SHIFT and its novella “The Beast of Blackmoor” will be the first.

Who will star in the next Iron Seas novel? The Blacksmith. I also plan to write a novella for Mara and Cooper, because they ended up being a lot of fun in THE KRAKEN KING. I’ll probably tell the story of how they met.

What about the other stories we’ve all been waiting for? I expect to release Frozen pretty soon (I just have to finish the barbarian novella first). Into the Light will be coming later this summer or early next year, depending on my deadline for the Blacksmith’s book. I still intend to write Scarsdale’s book, but it won’t be a novella, so I have to figure out where to fit it into my schedule (plus I know how I want his romance to play out, but I haven’t yet figured out the “steampunk” part, so that’s not good.)

Reviews and discussions (and maybe spoilers!)

I’ve missed the last couple of weeks of roundups, so I’m behind, and now I’m probably going to miss some reviews that I should have included. If you have a review, please feel free to post a link in the comments and, when I update the actual book page, I’ll include your quote and link there.

Vampire Book Club

VBC has been awesome about posting a weekly review and discussion post, including really great questions about the serial. This week, they are:

  1. So, what did you think of The Kraken King overall? How did Ariq and Zenobia fare as our hero and heroine?

  2. Oftentimes Meljean Brook will take a secondary character from one story and turn them into the main character in the next. Who would you like to see take center stage in the next Iron Seas adventure?

And last week:

  1. What extreme measures would you take in order to ensure the safety of those you love, even if it means their anger towards you?

  2. In this part it was mentioned a few times how much Zenobia has changed since the beginning of her journey. We also get specific information about what she went through with her mother. With all of this in mind, what is your impression of the ways Zenobia has changed?

Links to all of their reviews are included in those posts — and thank you to ladies at VBC for hosting that discussion every week!

Fiction Vixen

Angela at Fiction Vixen has also been writing up weekly reviews, and this week she writes:

This is classified as a steampunk romance, but with its lush, vivid world building, expertly fleshed out characters and epic love I think romance fans of any sub-genre will enjoy. After spending so much time over the last month with this couple I find myself already missing them, I’m almost sad to see their adventure end. The Kraken King will definitely appear on my top ten list for this year.

 That’s What I’m Talking About

Jen (Twimom227) is another reviewer who has been posting awesome weekly reviews. She will be posting a review of the full book next week, but you can also read her weekly reactions at her blog (along with a guest post from me about the alternate history of the Iron Seas!) And this is what she wrote on Goodreads about Part VIII:

You know when you finish a book with a full heart and tears of joy streaming down you cheeks?! Sad for the end but so happy? That.

I’m just evil enough to love those tears. 😀

Dear Author/Romance Around the Corner

Brie from Romance Around the Corner posted her guest review of the final four parts yesterday:

The Kraken King is an all-you-can-eat buffet of action, adventure, giant monsters and even bigger robots (kind of, this ain’t Pacific Rim), that somehow manage to not get in the way of the main relationship or the political intrigue, because yes, this is about wit as well as strength, and they all come together beautifully during the final climax.

I always feel a little strange about including reviews from Goodreads and Amazon, because they aren’t directed at me, and I’m rarely sent a link to them. I’m including the next two, however, because I’ve chatted a little bit with both reviewers, so I feel less like the author peeking over the shoulder with them. If you ever want me to point to your Goodreads and Amazon reviews, I’m happy to! But you’ll have to let me know that it’s okay. 🙂

Douglas Meeks

Doug reviewed the first half at Wicked Scribes, and has also been posting reviews of each part at Goodreads and Amazon. Aside from Here There Be Monsters, this is his first trip to the Iron Seas. He didn’t quite get all the revenge and blood that he wanted in Part VIII, but he said:

I feel there are more stories coming out of this world that I hope will be this good but to be honest I have a hard time imagining a more glorious adventure than this one and the height of the romance is something out of a Hollywood epic. Well done indeed Ms Brook 🙂 The title for this part was spot on, Greatest Adventure exactly.


Melindeeloo is another reviewer who posts to Amazon and Goodreads (and who I’ve been following forever, because her tastes are often similar to my own. So her reviews alone have created a TBR of Everest-like proportions on my ebook reader.)

{Melindeeloo is} happy to have made the journey through all eight parts and a bit sad to be leaving the story and the starring pair behind after being immersed in the Iron Seas world and Ariq and Zenobia’s adventurous courtship for over eight weeks.

Coffee and Bookaholics

Monica is another reader who has been regularly posting reviews of the serial. In her review of Part VIII, she writes:

It is with a mixture of happiness and sadness that I write this review. Happy that I had the opportunity to read such a great book and sadness that I am saying goodbye to the most amazing alternative world, airships and incredible cities that one could imagine, I even liked the kraken’s.

Tracy’s Place

And another reader who has been posting reviews every week! (You all are amazing, honestly. I can barely remember to take a vitamin every day, let alone regularly write up book reviews.) Tracy has been posting hers to her blog, and lately she wrote:

I highly recommend this serial novel. It’s much larger than a regular novel and is worth every penny imho. From word one I couldn’t get enough of The Kraken King and that excitement stayed with me throughout the series.

She also is having a giveaway in that review! She’s offering the first two installments so that you can try it out a little easier.

Oh my gosh, there are so many more, but I’m going to have to return and add them in! For now, though — Thank you all and I hope you’ve loved the serial!