The path paved to Hell and all…

Despite my good intentions, I already screwed up my limerick Saturdays. So it’s coming on Sunday, instead, and is about a new television show that I slipped in between other pieces of the weekend because I like the leads and was curious (and because it’s hard to resist a one-star review on Amazon Instant Video. I always wonder Is it really that bad?) Anyway:

A new show on FX called American Horror Story
Is a ‘psychosexual thriller’ instead of really gory
I laughed as he stroked/wept
and said double-yew tee eff
And of course I’ll be back next week for more-y.

Okay, that was really bad. I never guaranteed anything! Anyway, I’m not really sure what to think of the show, except that it’s totally OTT and fun in a totally effed up way. Did anyone else watch it?