The Return of Tigh’s Eye!! (Smallville Spoilers)

So, I re-watched a bunch of BSG episodes while I was drugged, and once again I was struck by how Colonel Tigh’s eye did more work than many other full-bodied actors. And I was pleased and surprised to see Michael Hogan playing Slade Wilson in last night’s Smallville episode … though his character wasn’t exactly like the Slade Wilson I know and love. Not that I care — no one on Smallville is like their comic-book counterpart — but it would have been nice if *something* had been similar.

Well, by the end of the episode I got my wish … and it was like a total BSG fan-service moment at the same time. Check it out:

The Return of Tigh's Eye!

Ha ha! I can’t wait to see the acrobatics his eye performs in the “Icarus” episode. Whee!

(Yes, I’m still watching Smallville. Yes, I’m ashamed!)