Things you learn when you don't wash the dishes as often as you should:

1) The mini meat cleaver that came in the Hillshire Farms gift pack that your sister bought on sale after Christmas last year — and you aren’t really sure if she bought it for herself or if she planned to give it away this year (because summer sausage lasts a disturbingly long time), but it doesn’t really matter any more because you opened the package — makes an excellent pizza cutter. 

2) You can eat microwavable pancakes with the plastic knife that came with McDonald’s Southwest Chicken Salad. The fork would have been more handy, but you used that for the salad, so what the hell are you supposed to do? 

3) When you finally do have time to do the dishes again, messing around with your blog template is much, much, much more appealing. Not that updating the theme is just an excuse to put it off. It really needed to be done. (And if you prefer the old theme, you can use the drop down menu to the right to switch back to the Lazy Meljean theme.)

Hmm. Now, it’s time to write. So I guess I’ll hold off on those dishes for a little while longer … I think I have a spork in one of the drawers somewhere that desperately wants to be used, anyway.