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Scheduled for 2016

Nothing yet! I’ve had to put aside The Blacksmith’s book. (More about that here.) I probably won’t have a release date until I’ve finished it.

What’s next, then? I’m not sure! Maybe more barbarians as Milla Vane, maybe something else, maybe barbarians AND something else. I’ll be coming back to the Blacksmith; I just need to figure out what’s going wrong with it first. Until then, I’ll be writing, but it might be something wholly different for a while, until I reboot my brain and get back into his story.

Self-Published Works

Please note: Though I will do my best to release all of my self-pubbed works in a timely manner, I’m really terrible at estimating my completion times. Unlike traditionally published works, these do not have specific release dates. If you would like to be notified the day of their release, either sign up for my newsletter OR enter your e-mail in the release notification form below the books.



More information is coming soon.

Into the Light



A new Guardian novella, Into the Light. This will be Katherine Blake’s story, and should (mostly) stand alone, though it takes place during the events from Guardian Demon.

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