Updates (or not) to the release schedule

I’ve gotten a bunch  of emails this week about my 2015 release schedule, and my “Upcoming” page was sadly stuck in 2014, so I (kind of) updated that page, finally. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot to tell you yet.

Anyway, you don’t have to click over to that page — here is what I wrote.

Scheduled for 2015

Nothing yet! I’m working on the Blacksmith’s book and probably won’t have a release date until I’ve finished it.

After the Blacksmith, I’ll begin working on Into the Light. Chances are that I’ll end up releasing that story in the same way that I did Frozen: I’ll post it chapter-by-chapter online before compiling it as an ebook. Or maybe I won’t. Who knows.

More books in the Iron Seas series: At this time, I believe that the Blacksmith’s book will be the last novel in the Iron Seas world (and to head off any rumors, this isn’t because my publisher is killing the series; this is my choice.) I hope to write more stories in that world (including Mara & Cooper’s story and Scarsdale’s story) but I’m not even going to try guessing when those will be available.

What’s next, then? I’m not sure! Maybe more barbarians as Milla Vane, maybe something else, maybe barbarians AND something else. It’s all up in the air right now.