USA Today’s HEA blog + missing tidbit from Riveted

Whoo! Riveted is mentioned on USA Today’s HEA blog. They contacted me for a tidbit about the book that I haven’t mentioned anywhere else, but I’m guessing because of length constraints it didn’t make it in? Anyway, when you click on the link, just imagine this was included:

Volcanoes play an important part in the story, so Iceland as a setting was a perfect fit and an easy choice. Deciding exactly which volcanoes in Iceland to include took a bit more research…except for one: the volcano near the hidden village where Annika, my heroine, grew up – and the same volcano that the hero, David, desperately wants to locate.

Though never mentioned by name in my book, Snæfellsjökull is the volcano that Jules Verne used as an entrance beneath the Earth’s surface in “A Journey to the Center of the Earth.” Since Jules Verne is one of the godfathers of steampunk and historical science fiction, I couldn’t resist including Snæfellsjökull in Riveted.

Here’s a lovely picture of it on Flickr.