What’s out the porthole? (Animating THE KRAKEN KING)

Guess what’s out next week?!! Not that I’m excited! 😀

For fun, I’ve decided to animate bits of each serial cover for its release week. I’ll be writing up a post later about the animation process itself, but for now, I’m wondering: What should be out the window?

Cover #1, the fire (as on the book page) is pretty straightforward. Cover #2, I think the balloon needs to go somewhere. But what about Covers #3 & #4? Animating the people is beyond my capabilities, but look behind them … all that open sky, just waiting for something to fly by.

So I’m taking suggestions. What should be out the window and the porthole?

The only real restriction is: it has to be something that isn’t rights-managed and something that I can find on a royalty-free stock image site. So Elvis probably isn’t going to be out there, simply because I can’t get permissions for a photo like that.