Writing Steampunk Questions? – and More Movies, Not Really Reviews

Any “writing steampunk” questions?

I asked this on Facebook, too, but will here as well:

I am writing an article about writing steampunk for a guest blog next week. The topic is basically: writing sci-fi history from a 21st century perspective, but I’m wondering — Are there any questions re: writing steampunk that you want to see addressed, but rarely do?

And, more movies

I kind of suck at reviews, so I never do that. So, just general reactions:

The Grey — As much as I love plane crash/lost in the wilderness movies — and a heavy dose of fantasy in my fiction — I found it really, really, really really REALLY hard to suspend disbelief for this one. There were bits and pieces I liked, and there were some great visuals, but overall … sigh.

Here’s the trailer:


We Need To Talk About Kevin — I did really like this one, but it’s a difficult movie to say “Watch this!!” because I have a feeling that the subject matter and the method of storytelling might put many people off. It’s told in a non-linear manner, the symbolism and visual repetition is quite heavy-handed, and so on … but the acting is simply fantastic. I expect that from Tilda Swinton, but the boys (both of them) who played Kevin were marvels of dead-eyed resentment. And it’s one of those movies that I think you can talk about for a long time. So.

It’s also based on a book of the same name by Lionel Shriver, which now I am off to download, because I want to see how the time-shifts are handled in the prose format.

Here is the trailer: